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Earlier this year Velocity sent out a questionnaire to get Orange County’s auto enthusiasts opinion on current automotive websites (likes and dislikes).  Thank you again for taking the time to fill out that questionnaire.  Your answers gave the Velocity team valuable insight on their new revolutionary product.  The team would like some simple poll questions answer to complete their research and product implementation.

At the end of the poll, simply enter your name and email and click “Calculate Results“, you’ll be eligible to win a year subscription.  Five (5) lucky winners will be randomly drawn and awarded.


One response to “Velocity Magazine Poll

  1. I thought Velocity was one of the finest magazines going. It was totally different than anything out there today. If you look at most all the automotive magazines today and compair them, there is not much seperation. Maybe your magazine related to the crowd that grew up in the 50’s and 60’s which would be me. But I thought you did a fantastic job putting Velocity magazine together. The featured stories gave just the right amount of information and didn’t beat the ariticle too death with too much information. I liked the cross section of cars you featured. I like the background info on the owner.

    I know advertisers are a key in keeping a magazine going and I don’t know the secret to getting companies on board. I guess it just takes time to develop a following with the industry.

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